Here's my link directory, have fun browsing around these sites!

Web tools!

Neocities : The host itself!
W3Schools: The holy bible for all kinds of programmers.
W3Schools's Compiler: An online and user friendly HTML/CSS/Java compiler from the same page.
24timezones: A page that generates codes for fancy or simple clocks for your website!
IMood: A page that provides a mood indicator so you can keep in touch with your visitors!
123Guestbook: This page can generate a guestbook for your visitors, don't forget to leave a comment on mine!
Dafont : A site that provides a variety of fonts for your page or personal works!
HTML Color Codes : The title says it all, it's a page where you can pick HTML (or RGB) colors for your website.
Coolors : A color palette generator, this helped me with the color scheme of my page.
Ezgif : A GIF editor.

Cool sites!

Cameron's World : A love letter to the old internet from the 90s and 2000s and GeoCities.
Glitter Graphics : A page with web graphics from the mid 90s.
Picrew : This page has characters generators, you can use it if you don't know how to draw or overall, design your OC!
TVTropes : My favorite site on the web, it recopiles all the tropes any media can have and i often use it as a way to write my own stories.
Photomosh : You can create "glitchy" gifs!
Yume Nikki Online Project : You can play Yume Nikki (And some of it's fangames) online with friends!
Vimm's Lair : Screw Nintendo's copyright, find the roms from old games here! Fantasy Name Generators : This page can generate names for any kind of person, creatures, weapons, magic and everything you can think of!
Windows93 : A nice homenage to old Windows with some cool stuff!
LOSPEC : A page with tools for pixel artists!



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