Thu. 25/08/2022

New layout!

Hi everybody!
The site's got a new layout! I would also like to thank my friend: Satu for helping me with the code!

Mon. 13/06/2022

I'm still alive!

Hi everybody!
College has been a bitch, so... i don't have too much time to work on my page for now. But i'll make sure to keep it updated!

Tue. 17/05/2022

Some minor tweaks!

Hi everybody!
Sorry for not being active, but i'm back! I updated the page's background, header and some other stuff, hope you guys enjoy it!

Mon. 09/05/2022


Hi everybody!
This website is now part of the Yesterweb webring, please go check any of the other websites that are part of this community!

Sun. 24/04/2022

Some updates!!

Hi everybody!
So, the website has a new header background, a custom scrollbar and some pages like the links or my profile are now complete!

Mon. 18/04/2022

Website is up!

Hi everybody!
This section will be used for news and updates, so stay tuned!