Len | 19 | Non-binary | Pansexual |


More about me!
I have asperger's syndrome.
I love dogs, rabbits and deers.
I can't touch cats. :'U
Already taken since18/02/2017, bitches!
I definitely have an obssesion with teal and black.
I'm a brony, rip.
boi, sure i love
I don't care about the console wars.
I love analog horror, ARGs and internet mysteries.
shitpost, just shitpost
I love 80s and 90s aesthetic!
I love Vocaloid, rap, hauntology, electropunk, videogame, rock, sometimes pop and chiptune music
I love coffee and frappes!
I'm studying programming!
I'm also aspiring to become a writter and artist.
I love doing pixel-art, maybe this page will have it's own pixel art in the future!
My favorite videogame genres are RPGs, sandboxes, dream simulators (Yume Nikki and it's fangames), plataforms, puzzle, adventure and fighting.
I like both cartoons and anime.
I often read novels.
My favorite characters are Velvet, Spike Spiegel, Terry Bogard and Fluttershy.
My favorite Pokémon is



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